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The Review of Recaufair Pneushow

Writer:Marketing DepartmentNumber of visits: Date:2016-11-14

Exhibition Time

June.9--12, 2016 


Expo Center Norte Sao Paulo


Recaufair Pneushow, with Expobor held in the same period, was organized by Francal company in Brazil.Since founded in 1996, the exhibition which is held every two years, has successfully been held 11 sessions.Since the first session ,Recaufair Pneushow become one of the important exhibition of South American tire industry.Today, Recaufair Pneushow is  Latin America's largest exhibition  relating to tyres, tyre renovation, tyre recycling and so on.
With accurate strategic vision, excellent quality, considerate service,Yuelong Group combined with Brazil's largest tire importers to marketing CONSTANCY brand.During the cooperation in the past few years,Yuelong has become the leading tyre brand in Brazil and South America.During this year's Recaufair Pneushow,our sole agant in Brazil invested exhibition and booth of CONSTANCY on behalf of Yuelong Tyre Group and obtained a good respect as is respected.
Yuelong Tyre Group is looking forward to meet friends from all over the world.

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