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DUBAI Exhibition’s Forecast From Yuelong

Writer:Marketing DepartmentNumber of visits: Date:2016-5-9
On May 8, Frankfurt (Dubai) International Auto Parts Expo will be grand opening. Yuelong group will send excellent sales representatives to communicate with customers.
Location: The United Arab Emirates Dubai International Exhibition Center
Booth NO. : SA - D24
The Dubai exhibition is the most influential exhibition in the market of Middle East, and it is also the best platform for the world’s famous auto parts companies to expand this market.
The exhibition created a new record of attendance in 2015. There were 28,882 audiences from 130 countries, increasing nearly 19 percent over 2014. 1889 exhibitors from 59 countries displayed their products and technologies, including 548 exhibitors from China.
It can be seen that the exhibition has a powerful influence for the Middle East and even the international automobile market. Most of the exhibitors came abroad, which highly improved the degree of internationalization.
Welcome to Yuelong’s Booth!

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