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Yuelong Tire ranked 4th in China tire quality survey

Writer:Marketing DepartmentNumber of visits: Date:2016-5-9
A survey about the tire quality in China was run by the media called "Cars & Wheels" recently. Yuelong tire ranked 4th with 1922 votes among the 24 candidates.
The voters participated in this survey were basically tire shop owners from the whole nation. As the front-line staff in tire industry, they had a lot of experiences in everyday business and the process of communicating with the end users. Their comments for tire brands can be really convincing.
The 24 candidates were chosen from the top 75 tire companies (sourcing from Tire Business), including the industry leaders, such as Zhongce and Triangle, as well as some rising stars like Yuelong, who gains a lot of awareness these days.
This ranking is not only a recognition to the tires quality of Yuelong Group, but also an inspiration to Yuelong people. We must develop our business with more professional manners, listen to the customer demands, and provide more satisfying tire products for the market in the future.

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