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【Feedback from Malaysia】

Writer:跃龙集团营销部Number of visits: Date:2016-4-15

Recently, Customer A encountered a few buses in the street of Kuala Lumpur. The bus tires are all from GRENLANDER of Yuelong Group. It was understood that the buses work for the government of Malaysia.



As one of the world’s biggest countries which is outputting natural rubber, Malaysia is stricter to detect the rubber products. In addition, the government is cautious about the quality of products.
Malaysia is located in the tropical oceanic climate with hot and humid weather, which means that it’s very important to assure the heat resistance of tires.
It is the best witness for the quality of products that the customer chose our tires.
Yuelong Group aims to produce the products in high quality. In the future, the company will provide the various products which are based on the customers’ demand.

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