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  • Details: Main feature:1、Design of horizontal grooves provide strong driving force, especially suitable for driving wheel on middle and short distance.2、Directional tread design strengthen symmetrical wear resistance.3、Grooves of different width enhance drainage of stones, protecting inner side of the grooves.4、Unique design for the carcass ply and tread belt improves the performance for overload and safety. Technical parameters:
  • Details: Main feature:1、Three vertical grooves in winding provide good driving performance, suitable for middle and long distance, steer or trailer wheel recommended.2、Narrow grooves reinforce the drainage of water and prevent sideslip.3、Closed tire shoulder reduces eccentric wear and enhances driving handling.Unique design for the carcass ply and tread belt improves the performance for overload and safety.   Technical parameters:
  • Details: Main feature:1、Excellent driving stability, excellent performance of wet road condition.2、Low rolling resistance, reduce fuel consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection.3、Special tread design, effective against irregular wear and improve the performance of the high speed and the service life of the tire. Technical parameters:
  • Details: Main feature:1、Tread with five tortuous groove design, endow excellent anti-skid and handling performance; Applicable for steering and trailer wheels.2、With special inserting steel design improving driving performance, excellent lowing heating up of tread, improving endurance performance of tyre.3、Tread slab base with low heating up, make tread excellent endurance performance. Technical parameters: 
  • Details: Main feature:1、Horizontal and block designed pattern provide excellent traction and braking.2、Opened tire shoulder reduce heat generation, with good self-cleaning performance.3、Unique compound design, enhance tire’s speed performance and driving distance. Technical parameters:
  • Details: Main feature:1、Block pattern design provides excellent grip and driving ability performance.2、Special shoulder groove design make cooler running. 3、Enhanced shoulder design, provide more durability. Technical parameters:
  • Details: Main feature:1、Lateral large tread pattern provides strong traction, prominent performance for off road.2、Optimized and reinforced tire bead. Special designed mine pattern for rough road and overloading.3、Large tread pattern with anti-cutting compound provides high resistance for cutting and stabbing, especially suit for rough road like mine and quarry.   Technical parameters:
  • Details: 1、700 pieces sipes divide the “Z” tyre pattern into small pieces, reducing the noise;2、Double “Y” design enhances the gripping power and assures the driving safety;3、Classics zigzag grooves improve comfort and stable performance;4、The white sidewall design is provided.
  • Details: 1、Three grooves improve drainage on wet ground;2、The interlaced tread pattern design improves the cross-country performance.